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    Press alert: foreign tourists will be welcome in French campsites in July and August 2020 The Fédération Nationale de l'Hôtellerie de Plein Air (FNHPA) would like to remind foreign press correspondents in France that foreign tourists will be welcome in France during the summer of 2020, subject to the opening of French borders as well as those of other European countries and to favourable health conditions. Contrary to misinterpretations that have already appeared in some European countries, the Interministerial Committee on Tourism convened by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on 14 May 2020 was very clear on this point.
    Likely reopening of intra-European borders at the end of June
    The French Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, announced on 7 May that restrictions on France's borders with countries in the European area (European Union, Schengen area, United Kingdom) will be "extended until at least 15 June". In addition, the fourteen measures "for any French or foreign person entering France," permitted by the bill extending the state of health emergency, "at this stage, given the evolution of the epidemic in Europe and in view of the alignment of health measures between European countries," will not be applied within the European area, "except overseas and, if we decide to do so, in Corsica.”
    Foreign tourists welcome in France if health conditions allow it
    The press kit of the Interministerial Committee for Tourism of 14 May but states (extract from page 10): "France welcomes the proposals made by the European Commission in its communications of 13 May on tourism and transport, to restore mobility and allow a gradual reopening of tourist destinations in Europe. France will play its full role in facilitating the harmonization of health measures for the reception of tourists and professionals, particularly in the hotel, café and restaurant sector and transport, as well as close cooperation in the evaluation of epidemiological situations. These measures, proposed by the committee, will play a key role in reopening certain regions of Europe to tourism as soon as the health situation permits. France will ensure that the health protocols validated today feed into this necessary European harmonisation effort. France reiterates its commitment to ensuring that no discrimination on the basis of nationality can take place when European tourist destinations are reopened. »  
    Under these conditions, French campsites are looking forward to welcoming their European clients, sanitary conditions permitting.
    Our foreign guests will be welcome at "lesChamberts" in july and august

    Dear Customers,

    e are currently experiencing an unprecedented and inevitable situation due to the COVID-19 epidemic. In the context of a state of health emergency and following the administrative measures of restrictions taken by the Government on the whole of the territory, we are forced to keep all of its closed sites at least until june 2nd. We are therefore obliged to cancel all stays planned before this date.

    If you have booked a stay starting before this date, don't worry. In compliance with the ordinance n ° 2020-315 of March 25, 2020, we will therefore have to cancel your reservations and will reimburse the sums already paid in the form of an advance usable for a next stay on campsite. You will soon receive an email detailing all the terms and conditions for using this credit and booking your next stay.

    We are mobilized in these difficult times and we strive to respond to each request as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


    At the same time, we are continuing to prepare the opening of our campsite and to take your reservations in order to welcome you as soon as possible to change the air and enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

    We remain attentive to the evolution of the situation and we invite you to return to consult this page regularly for new information.

    We look forward to opening our campsite to welcome you as soon as possible.

    See you soon at the Chamberts.


    Situé en pleine nature et en bord de rivière Drôme, notre camping et à proximité de nombreuse activités de pleine nature.


    Le camping et en bord de Drôme, plongez dans notre piscine naturelle creusée par la rivière au pied du camping.

    Canoë Kayak

    Bien connue pour ses sports en eaux vives, la rivière Drôme est un must ! Nos partenaires se feront un plaisir de venir vous chercher au camping.


    Au pied du Vercors et aux portes de la Provence, la vallée de la Drôme vous offre une multitude de randonnées pitoresques.

    Vélo et VTT

    Paradis du VTT et des centaines de parcours à vélo, la Drôme vous offre un cadre exceptionnel pour pratiquer votre passion.

    Escalade et canyoning

    Entourée de montagnes et de falaises, la vallée de la Drôme vous offre une abondance de choix pour vous surpasser !


    Vous pouvez pratiquez toutes sortes de pêche aux allentours et au pied du camping. Les torrents de montagne ou la rivière Drôme vous procurerons tout le plaisir de pêcher.


    Découvrez la vallée de la Drôme en randonnée à cheval, ou bien en compétition avec un grand événement saut d'obstacles à Crest au mois de Mai. Pour les amateurs et professionnels.

    Découvrir la région

    Rivières, montagnes, lavande, villages perchès, climat provençal, vin, gastronomie et bien d'autre encore ! Venez découvrir la Drôme et un emerveillement vous envahira.



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